Greystone Invitational Committee

Greystone Invitational Committee

Tournament Chairman
Dale Gorham 

Chairman Volunteer Committee

Mark Miehle

Chairman Greens Committee
Mike Natale

Finance Committee

Chris Cochran

Chairman Housing Committee

Kiki Kartos & Kathy Clayton

Greystone Golf & Country Club President
Terry Smith

Tournament Advisor & Past Chairman
Tom Ramsey

Greystone Golf & Country Club
Professional Staff

Director of Golf Operations
Steve Smith PGA

Founders Course Head Professional
David Kuykendall, PGA 

Legacy Course Head Professional
Jonathan Gibbons, PGA

Director of Course Maintenance
Jason Miller

Greystone Golf & Country Club
Management & Staff

General Manager
David Porter, CCM

Membership Director
Ashley Fuentes

Events Director
Lynette Roberts


In Memorium
Tournament Marshall Emeritus

Manny Orfanon (1938-2013)