Founders Course Hole #15

Hole #15
526 Yards Par 5

Greystone Golf Club Hole #15

Greystone Golf Club Hole #15

This three shot par five usually plays into a little wind which adds to its already significant length.

The tee shot should be played at the mounds on the left to set up the best angle for the second shot.

The sharp dogleg at about 150 yards from the green, coupled with the stream that borders the hole on the left for the last 200 yards, requires a well-planned and accurate lay up shot, usually with a long-iron.

It is important to have a short club for your approach shot. This green is very deep - almost three clubs front to back - and very narrow.  It is also crowned to run the ball off the sides into the stream on the left or into the grassy hollow to the right, from which an up and down for par is a real challenge.

This hole represents a birdie opportunity, but also can be the easiest bogey you can imagine, even for a professional.

Toughest pins are at the back of the green where the green narrows to its smallest width and is protected by drop-offs to the left, right and back sides of the green.