Founders Course Hole #16

Hole #16
414 Yards Par 4

Greystone Golf Club Hole #16

Greystone Golf Club Hole #16

Another great par four hole that is much more difficult than it looks.

The tee shot is critical and should be played just to the right and short of the two aiming sands traps hrough the fairway at the turn point of the hole. Tee shots too short and to the right leave a blind section that is significantly uphill. Tee shots hit to the left add greatly to the length of the hole. The second shot is uphill to a green whose putting surface is not visible from the fairway and is very similar to the look of the second shot on the eighteenth hole at Augusta.

Like the green at the fourth hole, this green was completely redesigned and reconstructed after the 1994 Bruno's Memorial Classic. These changes were made based upon input from the Senior PGA TOUR players and have been very well-received by the members of Greystone as well. This large green is three clubs deep for most players, so club selection on the second shot is critical. It's easy to leave yourself with a long hard bunker shot if you're not careful.

The uphill shot usually requires one extra club and shots should avoid the greenside bunker at all cost to avoid plugging into the face.  Toughest pin to get  close to is back right, because if you overshoot the green, it's almost a certain bogey.