Founders Course Hole #18

Hole #18
526 Yards Par 5

Greystone Golf Club Hole 18

Greystone Golf Club Hole 18

Without question, one of the most difficult and strategic holes on the Greystone course.  And, for that reason, virtually the perfect finishing hole for a championship.

The landing area for the tee shot is bordered on the right by a stream and the fairway is angled, increasing the carry over the stream for drives hit down the right side. Playing to the left, away from the stream, introduces the risk of being blocked out by the large trees on that side of the hole. You'll see a number of players hitting fairway woods from the tee here to take the trees on the left out of play.

Off a good drive, a mid- to long-iron lay up shot will leave a short pitch to the smallest green on the course.  The green can be reached by the longer hitters, but accuracy is at a premium due to the smallest putting surface on either The Founders or The Legacy course.

The left side of the green feeds the ball toward the water and the right side of the green is guarded by a deep bunker and a steep mound behind. The whole green is sloped from back to front and is extremely fast from above the hole.

Toughest pin is back rigtht behind the bunker.

If it's close on Sunday, you'll see some hyperventilating going on here becausel can tell you from personal experience the air around this finishing hole is very,very thin.