Founders Course Hole #2

Hole #2
532 Yard Par 5

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Unlike the opening hole, the tee shot at the second hole is more open than it looks. The bunkers on the left are actually up on the slope and not as much in play as they appear.

The longer hitters can reach this green in two and many of them will be very aggressive from the tee. If you plan to lay up with your second shot you can be conservative with your tee shot. You just have to be sure to be in the left half of the fairway so you're not blocked out by the trees on the corner.

A lay up shot on this hole must be played very precisely to avoid the water on the left and the fairway bunkers on the right.

The green presents some unique challenges. With three distinct levels, the strategy here isto put the ball on the same level as the pin.

Toughest pins are in the back of the green. Typical of the overall design of Greystone, players are required to play from the tee with a very specific plan for the entire hole. Failure to do so on the second hole will produce a better chance for a bogey than a birdie.