Founders Course Hole #3

Hole #3
408 Yard Par 4

Greystone Golf Club Hole #3

Greystone Golf Club Hole #3)

The third hole is one of Greystone's more demanding, and again, strategic decisions are critical. The right side of the landing area is bordered by a stream that begins about 220 yards from the tee. You can take this hazard out of play by driving with a long-iron but this leaves a very long shot into one of the most difficult greens on the course. This is a classic "pay me now or pay me later" hole.

A good match of line and club selection is critical on the second shot because the green is placed on an angle, positioning the right half of the green at least one full club farther away from you than the left half.

Most players will just be trying not to ruin their round here. At first glance the toughest pin appears to be back right because of the pond guarding the front of the green, however, left front is probably actual ly the most difficult because of the slope in that area of the green.