Founders Course Hole #4

Hole #4
155 Yard Par 3

Greystone Golf Club Hole #4

Greystone Golf Club Hole #4

The first of Greystone's five spectacular par three holes, the redesigned green received favorable review from the players in the1995 Bruno's Memorial Classic.

There is usually a little breeze coming off the water from the players left here and reading the wind correctly is critical.

The green is mowed all the way to the stone wall on the left and the left side of the green actually feeds the ball toward the water. You'll see a lot of shots played short and to the right on purpose here.

The toughest pin is back right because the up and down from the "bail out" area is so difficult. Back left isn't hard because almost nobody shoots at it anyway.

This is also one of the most difficult greens on the course to read once you get there. Average par here for the tournament and you'll definitely pick up shots on the field.