Founders Course Hole #7

Hole #7
207 Yard Par 3

Greystone Golf Club Hole #7

Greystone Golf Club Hole #7

The longest of Greystone's five par three holes, the green setting represents a masterpiece of architectural deception.

The left and right halves of the green appear at first glance to be about the same distance from the tee, when in fact, there is a full two club difference for most players.

This optical illusion is created by the mounds and swale at the right side of the approach to the green. Reminiscent of some of the very best British courses, this hole always looks shorter than it actual]y plays.
The biggest challenge here? Having the discipline to hit enough club to reach the right hand pins. This is made even more difficult by the slopes at the back of the green. A rather benign looking hole that played as the most difficult hole on the course in the 1993 Bruno'sMemorial Classic.

The green is also very difficult to read. Par is a great score here. Toughest pin is back right at the base of the slope.