Founders Course Hole #9

Hole #9
420 Yard Par 4

Greystone Golf Club Hole #9

Greystone Golf Club Hole #9

A slightly uphill tee shot makes this hole play longer than its true yardage.

The ninth green is one of the smallest on the course and is severely sloped from back to front including a "false front" in the approach area.

The priority for the second shot at number nine is to hit enough club but not too much. Up and downs from the front bunker are difficult. Up and downs from behind the green are impossible.

You'll see some birdies here but you'll also see some bogies from players who get a little careless.

The green is split into two halves with a ridge down the middle.  The left half features a false front and the right half is guarded by a bunker.

Toughest pin to putt to is right in the middle at the bottom of the dividing ridge.  You do not want to be above this pin especially long over the green.